(Trenton, New Jersey)

I am 3rd child of James and Plesie (Mother is wheelchair bound) as of 2008.. my parents was married for 53 years... my father James died in April, 2013... my eldest brother lives in North Carolina)& baby Brother lives in Florida both were living at home before my father died... I lived out of town...

I always had my place (House) when my father passed away...both my brother's left my mother behind and moved away. with taxes on house, bill's, funeral cost etc.

I step in and paid for the funeral cost because Daddy didn't have a death insurance... I paid for all the bills in the of my fathers estate, etc. we sold the house paid off additional bills, medical, etc.

So therefore I told my Mother I would move her in with me and its been 6 years... since the passing of my father.. I haven't seen my siblings since the funeral 2013... our relations is truly distance at best....we fuss all the time, all they do is make excuses in regards to my mother?? this not fair..

I work full as Senior Union Representative and Fashion Designer... 9am to 5pm I have CNA's staff be with my mother from 8:30 am to 4:45pm when I get home I relieve the Aide, change my clothes, get dinner started serve clean up dishes.

2 hrs letter get my Mother ready for bed shower, change her diaper etc. bedding give her medication of sort..(Monday through Friday) no weekends.. all on me..

it is truly a blessing to care of my mother, Plesie she is now '84 years young.. she is my (Super Model) of my fashion's we are now working together on my fashion line.. she raised me well, into a strong man..

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You're a blessing to your mom
by: Anonymous

You're so sweet and have a great attitude to be able to take care of your mom as you do. I wish your siblings would help you, but I see they won't. Enjoy your mom while you have her. Blessing to you for all you do.

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