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This page can direct you to multiple forums (listed below) and is designed for support groups and individuals alike to tell their stories, ask questions and make comments about caring for their elderly parents. Each blog is unique and a very personal account of what daughter's and son's are going through on a day to day basis.

Venting is definitely allowed as we all know the role of caregiver can be frustrating and cause a good deal of stress at times. This avenue for venting can really help with "getting it off your chest". If for at least the moment.

Sometimes being too close to a situation can be an inhibitor to resolution. Blogging your experience can help you bring it all into perspective and at the same time help others understand they are not alone.

Subjects listed here for each forum below include -

  • Caregiver anger, concern with siblings and resentment, and
  • How to broach the subject of Dad or Mom not driving any more.
  • Financial Discussions (will there be enough money to last?
  • Senior Insurance - are they covered? Will there be enough money to last? In Home Care Insurance, Reverse Mortgages pro's/con's.
  • Activities such as easy crafts, free internet games and ideas to help caregivers when creating activities for Mom and Dad .
  • Assistive technology (medical emergency alarms, home alarms, fall prevention) to help keep Mom and Dad in there home longer.

Click on any subject in the Caregiver Forums below to read what others are saying and discuss problems and solutions related to caring for aging parents.


Is it difficult caring for Mom and Dad? Read what other Caregivers are saying, Comment or just plain Vent your frustrations..

Tell your day to day stories, voice your concerns, frustrations answer and ask questions of the group..


Tell us why you have anger and resentment towards your parents or how should your siblings be helping with care decisions......

Elderly Activities

What Indoor or Outdoor Activities are Your Parents doing to Stay Young and Engaged?

What Brain Games do You Suggest to your Elderly Parents to help them Exercise and Stimulate their Brains?

What Easy Craft Ideas Keep Mom and Dad Engaged, Busy and Productive? See What Others are Saying and Leave a Comment.

Elderly Technology

What Assistive Technology (Wearables, Medical Alert Buttons, Home Alarms, etc.) are you Utilizing to Care for Mom and Dad at Home?


Have you broached the subject of Dad or Mom not driving anymore? See what others are saying

Behavior Issues

Are there Behavior Issues with Mom?


Do you worry about your parents falling at home? What actions are you taking to prevent elderly falls or other accidents?


What Housing Options are you considering for your Elderly Parents?


How do you start the conversation with Mom and Dad on sensitive financial issues?

Senior Insurance - Are Your Parents Covered for Unplanned Expenses?

Are you Currently Considering a Reverse Mortgage to help Bridge Expenses for Home Care for Your Elderly Parents? Read What Others are Saying and Pay it Forward with What You are Doing

Caregiver Forums to Communication Page

Assessing Needs of Your Elderly Parents

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Eldercare for

Aging Parents

Are you having a difficult time with being the "Caregiver" for Mom and Dad?

Click Here to Read What Others are Saying and Leave a Comment About Your Own Experiences....

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