Brain Games Online Provide Interaction

by Martha
(Bartlett, NB)

Brain Games Online

Brain Games Online

I was rather surprised when just last week, I logged onto the Internet and typed in the keywords "brain games online" because I was searching for something for one of the residents were I work.

Boy, was I overwhelmed with the choices. The range of online brain exercise games that were nearly limitless and included memory games, those that focused on attention, enhancing memory, free learning games and ranged from the simple to the more complex. Quizzes, card games, math games, checkers, chess, Mahjongg... you name it, the options are plentiful.

From memory enhancing games to language skills, a number of brain games online as well as puzzles of different varieties are more valuable than many people think for enhancing brain function.

Games for the brain, whether you find them online or you have some old card or board games at home, are an excellent way to keep brain cells and nerve pathways open and functioning. New games especially are effective in "forcing" the brain to develop new cell growth and neural pathways, especially after an event like a stroke or a diagnosis of dementia.

Of course, you have to cater the ease or difficulty of these types of brain training games based on your loved one's cognitive and reasoning capabilities, but brain games are effective in so many ways.

Based on likes and dislikes, there's a wealth of opportunity regarding puzzle games, brain teasers, word games, brain training games and math games that enhance language or functional reasoning that can help Mom or Dad increase their level of attention, focus, and memory.

To be honest, I also play brain games online to keep my brain active and as healthy as possible as I age. I highly recommend these games for anyone interested in keeping their parents sharp.

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Brain Games - Hidden Object Games
by: Peggy

I made the mistake of trying to get my grandmother to play the same kind of games that I like on the computer.

They were too overwhelming. When we found some simple hidden object games, she was much happier, and now she can find hidden objects faster than I can!

Brain Games - Online Bingo for Dad
by: Paula

After my dad had his stroke, his ability to process information was rather slow and sluggish, so I got him started playing online Bingo.

He started with one card, and at first could barely keep up with the virtual caller, but now he's up to playing with three cards, and his speed, focus, and his ability to keep up with the game has vastly improved.

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