Birthday Crafts

by Ruth
(Seattle, WA)

Birthday Crafts

Birthday Crafts

This month my mom celebrated her 75th birthday and I wanted to do something special for her to commemorate the day – since I spend a lot of time with her I wanted to do a craft that was casual and whimsical so we could have fun and relax together.

She suffers from mild arthritis, so I needed to find a craft that didn’t require too much detail or use of many tools – such as scissors or anything she would need to grip tightly.

Before she got up in the morning, I went over early to decorate her kitchen – her favorite spot in the house – with balloons and streamers to make her day feel even more special.

When she came into the room she was so happy with the decor and was looking forward to the birthday crafts I had decided to do with her. My mother loved to paint throughout her life, but has had more difficult after developing arthritis.

I did some research online and found finger painting was a fun, useful activity that would be easy for her to get creative – we decided to do a whimsical tree design and use our fingerprints as the leaves!

She did a finger ‘leaf’ for each decade of her life and had a great time telling me stories as she went along. It was a wonderful time with her and definitely plan on doing this craft again, since she enjoyed the creative freedom without worrying about holding a brush or being too precise.

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Dec 15, 2014
Fingerpainting for Elderly Birthday Craft
by: Katherine

I like the option of finger painting because it allows a senior to just have fun – there’s no worry about holding any tools or accessories and it gets the creative juices going.

I am going to start doing this with my dad, he also loved to engage in painting and drawing during his youth and I know he would love this.

Dec 15, 2014
Fingerpainting as a Birthday Craft
by: Debbie

This is such a great idea! I can also see doing this type of craft throughout the seasons – using different colors to create fall, winter or spring landscape scenes.

Finger painting is such a fun and creative craft for any senior and caretaker to do for a few hours.

Thanks for the tip!

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