Beam me up Scottie Part Two

by Sharon

I'm sorry I was so scattered in my thoughts when I wrote in. I need to clarify a few things. For well over I guess a year now while I was busy attending to my Mother's needs my spouse decided to have an affair and it appears it is still going on.

The only clue I had was when he so wanted me to be gone for an entire weekend and not bother with driving back to our home. I was more disturbed than ever when I discovered that my own two children played a role in this cover up. They have apparently met the other woman and she was even in our own home!!! They were told to keep quiet about it and they didn't think to tell me anything as their own MOM!!!

I now understand why all of our neighbors have such a dislike towards my husband and now even my own children. They witnessed this betrayal on it would appear more than one occasion. Now that everything has been discovered I have nothing left but disgust for all of them. My Mom's health has been an issue for some time but I would never think to use that as an excuse to step out of your marriage vows to one another.

Even worse now, I received a thank you card in the mail from one of my husbands relatives thanking him and this other woman for a present given at some birthday celebration! I'm ready to pack up my belongings and leave this place for good and let him deal with the kids and the responsibilities!

My boss continues to harass me about taking time off work even if its just a day! Who needs this kind of grief when all I was ever trying to do was handle all of my responsibilities. Sad to say but the only person I can count on is my Mom who barely knows who I am anymore.

People today have sunk to an all-time low when they think they can treat their spouse so shabbily and when found out expect you to still go along with everything. I have never neglected my duties to this pompous ass of a husband or as Mom to my two children. My day begins before 5 a.m. and doesn't end until 10 p.m. taking care of everyone.

I work a full 9 hour day in between that time Monday thru Friday. My weekends are the only times I have to spend more time with attending to my Moms needs. What can a person do at this late stage in life? Forget my duty to my Mom and dote on a cheating husband and kids that don[t really care about me?

I'm at a crossroads in my life right now and all I can think about is my poor Mom needs me most right now. Isn't that where I should be then?

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Thank You to Leasa
by: Sharon

Thanks Leasa for backing me up. I
am saving up some money to leave this place. It may take me some time to do this but I have to make a new life for myself.

No self-respecting woman would stand idly by and let this happen all the while they are just trying to take care of their now ailing Mom! Thanks for the words of encouragement.

Go for it!
by: Leasa

I stand by my reply in your first post. You have been betrayed to a level so low there in my opinion no going back. I would not. You didn't say, I don't think, the ages of your children. That would have to be considered.

Are they old enough to realize how they betrayed you? Anyway, get a divorce and make sure this home wrecker does not get to enjoy your home that you built and take what is coming to you. Next, yes do help your mom, but also don't completely wrap yourself up in her. Get out in the community, get involved do things for YOURSELF!

You will have time now that you don't have their dirty laundry to worry about. Go...get moving and build a new life and make friends you can trust. I feel for you...get moving!!!

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