Bathroom Safety.....Don't Wait like I did!

by Jeff
(Pasadena, CA)

A few years ago, my mother call me frustrated that she could not find anyone to come to the house to install grab bars and other items. My father was 90 at the time and she needed items in the bathroom to make it safer for him. She contacted a contractor who said the work was to small. She contacted a handyman who said he would install the bars and set up the toilet seat frame,shower bench etc, if she would go find and buy the items.

I left work early and went to the house and talked it over with my mom. Over the next few weeks I got busy with work and did not move fast enough on the project.

My father passed away before I could do the work in the bathroom. I promised myself I would start a company to address this growing need. I got my contractors license this year and hope to help others like my mom.

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Senior Safety Needs
by: Anonymous

Grab Bar: A grab bar is a safety device usually mounted to walls & shower stalls in bathrooms for elderly & physically challenged people.

They are specially designed to be mounted in various places in restrooms. Grab bars are different from a regular towel rack (bar), grab bars are specially designed to handle heavy weights. Most can bear up to 250 lbs. They are manufactured based on guidelines of Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

There are 3 types of grab bars available:
1. Wall mounted
2. Suction cup grab bars
3. Tub mounted

• Wall mounted grab bars are permanently fixed to a wall or a tile wall in a shower or bathroom. These bars are placed in just the right places to help a person sit down or get up off a toilet, to balance themselves while taking a shower. If the person uses a shower chair, a grab bar is essential in helping them get up off the chair.

• Suction cup grab bars are not so permanent, but work very well. They are easily fixed by pushing the grab bar down onto a clean smooth surface. The tile in the bathroom is a perfect place. Then pushing down on the safety levers insures that they are stuck on very good.

No tools are necessary to put up a suction cup grab bar. They are portable & can be easily moved around the house. Make sure you check them every so often to make sure they aren’t losing any suction.

• Tub mounted grab bars are a little different. They clamp to the tub and are very helpful for getting in & out of the tub. They give the person more stability & confidence while bathing.

Grab bars come in many shapes & sizes these days. They are usually made from stainless steel, aluminum or plastic & come is different diameters. They come in very plain functional designs all the way to very fancy designs that will blend in with any home décor. They are not just for the bathroom anymore either.

They can be placed just about anywhere in the home to help with dressing in the bedroom, next to the dining table to help the person get up, next to a persons chair or even in the kitchen to help stabilize the person. These can be a great way to make the person feel more independent & feel like the caregiver is not hovering over them.

All Bases Covered
by: Anonymous

I have been in home health care for 20 years, I do private duty healthcare and the First Thing I do is Elder Proof the home and if it isn't done I either have them do it or I get it done before a tragedy occurs.

It's better to be safe than sorry, I am sorry about your Father, good luck with your business!

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