Assistive Technology - Mobility Aids Provide Added Safety and Security

by Abby
(Plankinton, SD)

Mobility Aids - Chair Lift

Mobility Aids - Chair Lift

Mobility aids are designed to do just that - help someone get around with greater ease and comfort. I found that mobility aids can range from a cane or walker to a wheelchair or an electric lift that provides access to upstairs or downstairs without having to navigate steps.

In my experience, one of the best purchases I've ever made when it comes to mobility aids is a lift chair for dad.(Some people call them electric recliner chairs) Dad had "his chair" for years, and no one sat in it but him.

The problem was it was so worn and he didn't have the leg strength that made it comfortable or easy for him to get either in or out. Can you say "duct tape"?

Last Christmas I bought him a lift chair. I had a wide range of fabric styles, chair designs, options, and colors, and chose one that had several different recline features that corresponded to foot rest height as well, and now I can hardly get Dad out of that chair!

The chair is operated by an easy-to-use remote device that looks like a small television remote control. It has large buttons that are easy for Dad to use. Now all he has to do is press the button and the chair rises to the point where all he has to do is sit back just a little bit, and then he pushes another button and the chair lowers all by itself.

He just repeats the process to stand. I can honestly say that of all the gadgets and gizmos that I've purchased for my parents over the years, that lift chair has more than paid for its weight in gold.

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Our Church Installed a Lift Chair
by: Louise

Our local church put together a collection to make an electric chair lift that provides some of our elderly members access from the sanctuary portion of our church to upstairs, where we have receptions, luncheons, and events.

No more worrying about slips, trips, or falls. Mobility aids today have come a long way to providing that added sense of safety and security for seniors.

Lift Chair Pricing - Cost has come Down
by: Anonymous

I always thought those lift chairs were outrageously expensive, but the prices have come down a lot in recent years.

I was more than pleased to find that the manufacturer of the chair I wanted for my grandparents offered payment plans.

Assistive Technology - Bought a Lift Chair for Mom
by: Mary Ann

They didn't have any lift chairs at our local medical supply store, but they did have a catalog that carried a wide number of brands.

I ordered one and my mom loves it.

She was always afraid of falling or losing her balance, and now she has the security and comfort to know that she can sit in her lift chair and not have to worry about her stability.

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