Angry that my Siblings Stole from Both Parents then Disowned Everyone.

by Margie

My dad died of Alzheimer's my sister got angry at all of us and had him sign everything he worked all his life for over to her. Yes, it was documented that he had Alzheimer's. She left my dad crying and feeling guilty for doing that for the last few days of his life.

I have always been his baby, he let me know that again before he passed and told me how much he loved me. That meant more than the money she stole from him. I never took her to court. My choice. I also never told my brother my dad had removed him from the will years ago. I didn't want to hurt him. I would have shared my inheritance.

Now, my mom has cancer for a third time. I have been there for her through everything and I'm still here now. My sister hasn't talked to her (us) in years. My brother talked her into closing out one of her bank accounts and opening a new one with just the two of them on it. One month later he withdrew $15,0000.00 out of her acct. leaving her with $1,100.00.

When she went to his home to ask about what happened to her money he said it was his and slammed the door in her face so hard that he broke the door frame. He was angry because my name was on everything and I was named executor several years ago.

I have always been here for everyone and that is the only reason why. I am so angry. I can't believe with both of my siblings it is just about the money. I am sad because my mom still feels bad??? Maybe guilty for not being a very caring
person to her children.

She doesn't understand how bad she has hurt me and yet I am still here as always taking care of her and having to listen that her will is 50/50 with my brother who doesn't care about anyone or anything but himself and her money.

It's not the 50% money that hurts me it's that she thinks he is worthy of anything. I would rather see her give him 50% minus the amount he stole from her. Give it to Saint Judes or put it in a trust for her great grand-son who she adores. I'm tired and hurt.

I've always been the one who came last in her heart and the one who is still here now. I have a wonderful husband who helps when he can & a special daughter who is there for all of us. My son is great but not a caregiver.

We have taken care of my sister in law who died of cancer, step dad who died of heart failure and mother in law who died of congestive heart failure. I quit my job to be a stay at home Nana for my precious grandson so my daughter can work. I am exhausted.

Sad that even though I have siblings I really don't. Hurt that my mom cares more about her neighbors than the only daughter/child out of the 4 she had. I am still here because I have God and a huge amount of faith, a loving husband, daughter, son and precious grandson that makes me laugh even on the toughest of times.

I hope that at the end of my life I let my family know how wonderfully dear they are to me and that they realize they have always been loved.

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No One Helps Out
by: Michelle, Yucca Valley, CA

I was left to take care of my dying mom 3 years ago. When she died I was left with my senior dad.

He can not hear well, is a chain smoker and he embarrasses me when we go places and treats me like a child.

The other night we went to dinner and he got violent at me because I told him I'm not a LOL girl anymore.

He drives like junk but he thinks everyone else is wrong and only he is right. He does not care about his living conditions has become a horder.

I have tried to reach out to my
siblings but they don't care. I've had to
pass up jobs because my dad says a job is not important same as my college. He does not want me to have my own life's game as having the freedom to drive.

We Understand your Frustration
by: Anonymous

I completely understand your frustration, as we experienced the same type of thing today. As we are preparing to move my 89 year old in laws into Assisted Living, my husband and I have spent about 40 hours on everything from appointments to sorting clothes and packing.

This in addition to spending the last 4 years doing all of the medical appointments, handling medications, and constant checking in on them.

Then, today the other son shows up before we get there - house is half packed - and he cleans them out of everything he can find with any value. Most of these items were to go with them- they aren't dead yet - and we were going to help them make a list of who they wanted to get these items after death.

They have very little, but still it was so disgusting to see someone be so greedy and so sneaky. They don't understand what he did, and will defend him always. He left as we arrived, and never even offered to help with the packing and cleaning. I am still so amazed by the ordeal that I had to write this down. Really??

Being there for Mom and Dad
by: Anonymous

I'm sorry for you feeling so isolated and going through all of this alone. Know this, most people do not get along with their siblings and it really shows up when end-of-life decisions need to be made for our loved ones care.

You sound like a good daughter and a good hearted person. Don't let anyone make you feel badly. Your siblings will have to live with themselves and their lack of consideration of others when they are old and gray.

You, my dear, on the other hand can live with a clear conscience. You can't change them at this late date in life so offer up your troubles to the Good Lord.
Blessings to your and your family.

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