Angry, Hurt and Sad

by Marlene

My mother is 82 and disabled.She had a severe stroke at age 58 that left her paralyzed on the right side but she worked very hard to have as normal life as possible.

I am her 53 yr old daughter,divorced with 2 girls age 19 and 15. After much thought we moved in together 10 yrs ago. My father divorced her after 25 years of marriage. My mom's health started going down hill about 4 yrs ago,many falls, broke her hip, her back,her jaw and most recent her arm and clavicle.

I stopped working as a nurse 4yrs ago to become her caretaker. My brother is 47 and lives 4 hours away, he works in a hospital, single with no children. He works by a contract so his excuse for not coming is no work no money.What hurt's the most is watching my mother every day getting worse and I feel so helpless because I can't make it better.

I get so angry at my moms brother and sister. They only live 45 minutes away and it has been a year since the last visit but will call her to tell all the bad things going on in their life. Her brother is 67 and was diagnosed with throat cancer,getting radiation now but they all go places as a group and have family dinners and they tell my mom this and of course it hurts her feelings.

My mom dropped out of high school to take care of her brother and you would think he would be more grateful. I thought about calling them but I have said something before with no result. Why should I have to say anything.It is just assumed I can handle it all.My dad died 4 years ago,my x father in law died 3 years ago and my x-husband died 2 yrs ago.It just feels like everything is falling down around me.What to do?

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