And so it is Christmas...and What Have you Done?

Christmas was just me and mom this year. There's all the rest of the family, but they are all in their own homes with their own families and live a couple of states away.

I'm with mom.

I thought it would be a nice gesture to go all out this year in decorations. So last week, I went down to the storage unit, where my life sits in boxes, and found the Christmas Village. I lugged it all home, she designated me a corner in the living room, and I started building the Village.

When that was done, I went back to storage and found the big, white tree in the box and lugged that home, and set it up with all the lights and balls.

I knew mom would love lots of gifts under the tree, even though it's just us two, and of course, only one of us can go shopping. So I hit the malls and outlets and found some shirts and socks for myself to wrap as her gifts to me.

I found sweaters and shirts and candy and lots of different magnifying equipment for her. I got all these things wrapped and under the tree. Then there is all the family.

I made a trip to See's Candies for boxes of candy to be shipped. Certain family expects lemons every year, so those are picked, boxed and shipped. And then there are the Christmas cards that she insists must go out. After several trips to the post office lines, all the shopping and mailing was finally done.

When the Christmas corner was ready, I took her
in to see the finished product and she thought it was great, but couldn't really see the Village as she has poor vision. Then she told me to keep the lights turned off as they could possibly catch fire and burn the house down.

And then, as the Christmas scene is set-up in the living room and our life is lived in the family room, the whole thing has pretty much lived it's short existence in the dark, alone in it's corner.

Yesterday, being Christmas Day, I actually was able to turn on the lights, and we opened all the gifts. None of her clothing fit and none of the magnifiers were strong enough. Next week I'll be back in lines returning everything and looking for other stuff.

Last night all the family called from all over. One call after another. You would have thought they planned it. Siblings, nephews, nieces, grandchildren, great- grandchildren, all calling to wish Grandma a Merry Christmas.

She was tickled and delighted and laughed and cried with their attention and they were satisfied and fulfilled by ending their celebration with completion. After all the calls, she turns to me and says, there are some friends I must visit next week before the end of the year. And don't forget I have a doctor's appointment on Friday.

I finally went to bed, and as I passed the huge pile of Christmas conglomeration in it's forlorn corner, I thought to myself, when am I going to have time to put all that away.

And so it is Christmas, and what have you done? Another year older, a new one begun.

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Christmas is usually the worst time of the year
by: Anonymous

Last Christmas my eldest brother and I got into a nasty physical confrontation and he went to jail.

My family and our relatives used to get together, in happier times, and have Christmas at my grandparents' large house. My family hasn't lived in a house of our own for fifteen years, instead living in apartment after apartment in the same dismal town. Those were golden days that are no more, and will never be again.

My 74 year old father is a complete piece of crap and is a total narcissist who won't even acknowledge his disabled son, even though he lives with his fourth gold digging wife 15 miles away.

My wealthy grandmother, a selfish, Queen of Hearts tyrant who made her kindly husband's life hell, has been wasting away for over seven years in assisted living, and now costly dementia care.

I haven't seen her for almost two years since my aunt, her youngest daughter, cut us off from visiting. My aunt, Sally is a sanctimonious blonde airhead who obtained guardianship over her mother, because she is a fearful dodo. She lives with her rich, retired, shyster husband in a 4500 square foot home, but won't deign to have anybody over for the Holidays.

She has two adult sons who are trust-funded and are looked upon as family royalty. Since she is grandma's guardian, she acts above everyone else and thinks her s**t doesn't stink. This is what Christmas is to me. It's also my birthday!

I can't wait for Queen of Hearts, who beat up her own mother, to die, so my family can inherit the fortune she hoarded and move on with our lives.

Think ahead.
by: Leasa

Hi, I felt so sad when I read your letter. You don't say how your mom is physically. You also don't say if you are content over-all living with your mom.

However, you obviously did feel sad and under-appreciated this Christmas. How about next year, you call a sibling and say, 'Mom and I are coming to spend Christmas with you and your family because it's too sad and lonely with just the two of us.'

Then, a day before Christmas, get yourself and mom a cab and away you go. Don't let your mom talk you out of it. This way, after mom is gone, you will have the tradition of spending Christmas with family.

Don't take no for an answer. So this is Christmas, a phone call is not enough. Well, I hope you have a good new year....

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