Adult Day Care - Making the Best  Choice in Elderly Care

Adult Day Care – Making the Best Choice

Day care is a type of planned program available in many neighborhoods that operates during daytime business hours.

Such facilities and programs cater to the elderly and enable them to get out of the home, receive socialization, mental stimulation, and the opportunity to enjoy nutritious meals they don't have to cook them- selves. These type of facilities and centers also provide a much needed break for primary caregivers or children of elderly parents who also deal with family and work responsibilities.

Day Care Services

These services provide a variety of options, activities, and entertainment for seniors, which may include:

  • Planned outings
  • Holiday celebrations
  • Book, film, political, or other discussion groups
  • Exercise
  • Games
  • Entertainment
  • Arts and crafts

The benefits of these type of elderly care services are wide and varied.

Seniors taking advantage of such services are able to enjoy socialization with peers, engage in stimulating mental and physical activities, and enjoy a secure and safe environment while maintaining a level of independence often lacking for senior citizens in more isolated situations.

Services should provide therapeutic activities that offer mental and physical interaction for participants.

Three different types of adult centers are offered in larger population areas:

Adult Day Care with Caregiver and Elderly Woman
  • Social - offers recreation, entertainment, meals, and some health related supervision or services
  • Medical/health - social activities, therapeutic and health services
  • Specialized - offered for individuals diagnosed with developmental disabilities, physical disabilities, or those diagnosed with various forms of dementia

Day Care For Caregivers

On the other end of the spectrum, adult day care services may provide caregivers with the rest or break needed to continuously provide quality care in long-term scenarios. Many children caring for elderly parents are unable to spend the time or money creating daily activities to keep an elderly parent physically, emotionally or mentally stimulated.

In addition, elderly individuals most often spend prolonged periods of time in isolation and without companionship. Day care services provide such companionship.

Many elderly can't be left home alone safely, which places an enormous stress both on caregivers as well as the senior concerned. Finding support in your community may be accessed through family doctors, local Health Departments or Social Services centers, Senior Centers, or the Yellow Pages.

Choosing A Day Care Center

Choose a day care center that offers amenities and activities that improve and enhance your parent's quality of life, prevent depression and increase socialization and mental and physical stimulation.

Ask questions when it comes to determining the right elderly care facility for a parent. For example:

  • How long has the facility been in business?
  • What are the days or hours of operation?
  • Are staff certified or credentialed?
  • What types of activities are offered?
  • Are meals or snacks included in care?

Caregivers seeking day care services should make a list of special concerns or requirements regarding a parent's care and not hesitate to ask questions of administrative personnel.

Visit the day care centers and watch the activities and interaction of seniors to staff.

For Information from the US Government on Day Care Services

Paying For Day Care Services

Depending on need and services provided, day care services may range anywhere from between $20.00 and $70.00 a day. These costs may or may not include nursing supervision, transportation to and from the facility, or meals.

Medicare does not cover day care services, but Medicaid does. Private medical insurance may also cover portions of adult day care costs when provided by licensed medical professionals. Long-term care insurance plans may also pay a portion of adult day care services, and dependent-care tax credits may also be available.

Daily Schedules

An adult day care service may offer a carefully regimented daily schedule. For example, a schedule of a day care center may include breakfast and personal hygiene care. Exercise followed by special activities such as baking, storytelling, gardening or woodworking may be offered.

Large group activities such as music, sing-alongs and dancing may be offered, as well as small group or independent activities such as puzzles, crafting, scrap booking, reminiscing, or arts and crafts. Each adult day care service or facility will provide a wealth of opportunities for seniors to socialize with peers, maintain optimal physical engagement and mental and emotional stimulation.

Take the time to thoroughly research adult day care facilities in your area and choose the one that will best meet the needs for elderly care, temperament, and capabilities of your parent.

Elder Care Services

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