A True Narcissist...

by Denise
(North Carolina)

There is no content for a narcissist except the kind that will suck you in. Living with one is a total mind screw where you always end up the bad guy.A narcissist will twist the truth so that he or she can assign blame to anyone other than hi self. Narcissists do not respond to authority and have a difficult time working for someone else. They must be the boss and abuse authority. A narcissist believes they are really awesome and you are not!

I am guardian for my mom, with Alzheimer's Disease. I was asked by her to handle everything and originally was her POA.

My sister fought me for guardianship but lost 12 years ago and has been angry ever since. She disrupts every decision made, constantly defying decisions made for Mom by her doctors, nursing home administrators and myself.

She changes addresses and legal paperwork pantries to pretend she is me. Knowing how angry she has felt, I always tried to include her in on care meetings, asking her for her opinion. Nothing I do or did has helped. Why? Because she is a narcissist! I do not have the heart to ban her from visiting our mom so she is restricted to room visits.

But issues continue, so much so that the nursing home is contemplating legal action.

I know it is hard to have siblings who do not help but I would take that any day instead of what I have been dealing with for over 11 years now.
God Bless all who love and care for someone who can't care for themselves!

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Good advice
by: Anonymous

Thank you for a reply. I totally agree with what you said. I limit any communication with her and only email updates concerning Mom’s Care. When my mom passes, I will not look back.

Narcissists are bullies. And you need to stop them.
by: Anonymous

You can not rationalize or deal with a Narcissist. They are bullies and the only way to deal with a bully is to cut them out of your life. To avoid feeling guilty, allow the nursing home or assisted living facility to take legal action.

It is time to cut your sister out of your life, and your mother's life. She either gets mental and emotional help -- or she needs to be out of your life. You have done enough. Enough is enough.

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