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Family consensus Mom needed a keeper. She has macular degeneration and is nearly blind she says. No longer able to work crosswords, can't see TV so turns it up loud, lonely with people around her, no short-term-memory, speaks ill of me, her only daughter, to other family members including my own daughter. Got a new place and moved her in last month. Of course it is very nice since I got a great(er) job, but she hates it. It is my "big mistake" moving her in she tells everyone. Sleeps 16-20 hours per day. Won't empty the dishwasher anymore or put her dirty dishes even in the sink.

Of course with the macular degeneration she couldn't see dirt so stopped cleaning about 10 years ago. Her place had dust bunnies on the carpet!! Are those ALSO dust bunnies? Always thinks of something she needs at the store right after I get back. tough to take her anywhere since I work 8-5 M-F and am too tired to run errands and party with her; she isn't up and ready until 2pm. I "never" want to do anything she says.

I have prayed to God to take this cup from me. I will find someone else or someplace else because I am NOT doing this. So, she has good and bad times and now she is on a good roll making it look like she could be totally independent. she won't bathe.

Her head stinks and that ick smell is all through the NEW place already. Tons of childhood resentments coming out now. She taught me to be passive-aggressive and negative and cynical. I am only daughter and it's "women's work" so both brothers who don't live near, think it's my "job" to take care of her.

She is a roommate right now and I don't like roommates. I love my quiet time and meditation and independence and thinking about what I want to think about and NOT hearing Fox news 24/7. Pretty sick of wheel and jeopardy and 60 minutes too. She won't get Medicaid for dual coverage so she could afford assisted living.

She is a stubborn old German who faults me for being like my Dad, whom I loved very much and still do--he died in 1991. I recall her constant bitching at him and slamming his lunch plate down in front of him.

Couldn't go anywhere or do anything because she had to fix his lunch, which was bullshit. He worked 7 days a week as a fuel oil consignee in remote part of state.

Now I know why he didn't want to go into the hospital and get his chest pain checked out. Very helpful to read from you all. I almost feel normal. And stronger!

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