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Eldercare for

Aging Parents

Are you having a difficult time with being the "Caregiver" for Mom and Dad?

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  1. Why Do Most People find it So Hard to Tell Their Parents THIS Is How It Needs To Be.

    Feb 23, 17 11:00 AM

    Why do Most people find it so hard to tell their parents this is how it needs to be! Is it because your scared they won't leave you a penny? Is it because

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  2. Hired Caregivers have a Rough Job Too...

    Feb 22, 17 09:55 AM

    I am a long time caregiver for elderly and mentally ill adults and yes we are not paid fairly and treated like dirt by the person we care give for...their

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  3. Resentment

    Feb 22, 17 09:42 AM

    I am not sure how I have ended up with having to take full responsibility for my father. My brother is doing anything. I have a unhealthy amount of resentment.

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