75 Year Old Dad Moved In Without Notice

by Anonymous

We own two properties one of which we rented to our Dad when he retired, it's in the south on a beach where he can fish all day and walk the beach if he wants to.

My husband and I thought he would love it and my dad has invited his friends down to visit and has loved it.

But suddenly when we asked him to pay rent based on the month to month lease he holds he has failed to give us one dime in accordance with the lease and when he does pay, my sister has to get the money from him before he spends it all and then only gives of half of the rent.

Well, the kicker is that he told my other sister that he was coming to visit and he showed up and has not left.

He decided he wants to go back to work and be a taxi driver at 75 years old claims he is bored and yet he is now staying in my home with whom I have three children and a husband.

Needless to say I am not ready for all of the changes I am being faced with my Dad. He lives his life on his terms and not with respect to my husband and me especially since we are putting up with his mess.

I am so angry for the way he has disrespected me and my husband and it makes me sad but no one else is going to put up with him.

My two sisters don't so I am stuck and it is has been stressful when we communicate to let my Dad know he can't treat us this way but yet he disregards our feelings, privacy and tells us this situation is in God's hands.

I am very angry and want him to go find his own place to live and at this very moment preparing to have him evicted from my rental unit because this is a second income for me.

Caring for aging parents is stressful and the guilt you feel from the decisions you have to make are overwhelming....

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