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This site is dedicated to all children who care for their parents. During the past several years we have come to understand the joy and at the same time the very anxious feelings we get that being a “parent to a parent” can really bring.

The day to day decision making as well as all of the details that were not part of your life before that have become yours to work through developing the best care for your parents.

Why is this Elderly Parents Care Website Here?

We also know that because we are the fortunate ones to provide care for our parents we want to provide that care the best way we can.

The double duty of having two households and children to take care of, in addition to earning a living can be a daunting task.

caring for an elderly parent

We finally realized that information was one of the keys to survival (many subjects on elderly parent care can be found on the right hand navigation bar) and that searching for information we did not know existed added to our stress and confusion. It is with this thought in mind that we created this web site.

Our website on elderly care strives to bring to those who care for their parents the information needed to help in day to day life.

This site is dedicated to you, the chosen one.

We write and do research on multiple subjects weekly for relevant information as we know with your responsibilities it is difficult to take the time to do adequate research.

Sometimes it can be more reaction than action with your current situation and care for your elderly parent.

As they say “One less thing…….”

Subjects and Information Covered

Some of the subjects covered for elderly care in the following and future pages include; how to choose the right housing (in home care, independent living, assisted living and nursing home care), anger and resentment, time management (yes, there is such a thing ), communication with parents and siblings, health care, nutrition, exercise, daily care, easy crafts/brain games, individual or group activities, and Medicare Medicaid, are just some of the areas we look into.

Please see the links to the right or below for the pages of interest.

Caregiver Forum and Blog Information

We welcome your visit and would love to hear how we can make this site better for you, the caregiver.

On our Caregiver Forums and "What's New" pages that have a listing of blogs, please read about others that are having the same type of experiences and leave a comment about what you are experiencing or leave a question for other caregivers to answer.

Additionally, our "Contact Us" form is intended to make this site better so please help us and make suggestions as to how we can improve.

Elderly Parents Elder Care Information
Elderly Parents Elder Care Blog will discuss subjects including Nutrition, Exercise, In Home Care, Safety in the Home, Activities, What to Look for in Hiring Help for Mom and Dad.
Caregiver Forums for Discussing Care of Elderly Parents
Our Caregiver Forums offer a place to discuss and give advice for caregivers for elderly parents with other caregivers. Discussions on elderly caregiver anger, resentment and frustration.
Caregiver Products for Elderly Parents
Caregiver products geared toward those providing care to elderly parents. Get info and shop for health and safety products and items to improve quality of life for those in your care.
Elderly Chair Lift Guide
Elderly chair lift Information and recommendations. Help for seniors to get into or out of chairs more easily.
Home Health Supplies for Elderly Care
Home health supplies necessary for the proper care of the elderly in the home, ranging from incontinence products to diabetic supplies.
Senior Health Care Insurance - What Type Do Your Aging Parents Need?
Guide to finding and choosing the right type of senior health care insurance for elderly parents.
Housing and Elderly Parents
Options in Housing and Elderly Parents - What to Think About Before Talking to Your Elderly Parents about Housing Options Including In Home Care, Independent, Assisted Living, and Nursing Home Care.
Elderly Fall Prevention Tips for Caregivers
Protect your aging parents with these elderly fall prevention recommendations.Be proactive and remove potential hazards.
Elder Care Services - Options to Consider
Elder Care Services - Caring for an Elderly Parent involves careful Planning, Time Management, Compassion and Patience. In most cases, Primary Caregivers need help from other family members or friends
Easy Crafts for Dementia
Easy crafts may help although each dementia patient has different needs, and the crafts you choose should accommodate his or her needs and interests
Activities for Elderly Parents
Mental and physical activities for elderly parents that contribute to their health, happiness and quality of life. Includes elderly exercises, craft ideas, mind games, and more.
Brain Games - Finding the Right Game for Mom
Brain games engage the brain. Any time the brain is thinking, it's receiving signals between brain cells that develop instructions that cause a person to respond.
Elderly Technology Enhances Seniors Quality of Life
Elderly Technology Enhances Seniors Quality of Life by Leaps and Bounds offering Elderly Parents many ways to communicate to medical professionals and family members far away.
Caregivers of Elderly Parents - Dealing with Anger and Resentment
Caregivers of Elderly Parents naturally feel anger and resentment towards siblings and parents when in the elder care role.
Elderly Parents Communication is Vital for Caregivers
Communication for Siblings with Elderly Parents is Vital
Stress in Elderly Parents and Caregivers
Stress in Elderly Parents and Caregivers can have many sources
Elderly Parents Basic on Medicare and Medicaid
Confused about Medicare and Medicaid for your Elderly Parents? Most Children are Confused with the Array of Choices and Decisions.
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